When you bring a new baby home, you quickly realize you need help with house cleaning. In the greater Vernon CT area, you will not find a more reliable service than Servitium Cleaning. We have nearly 40 years of residential cleaning experience in the area. When your surfaces absolutely have to be CLEAN,  we use a non-toxic hospital grade disinfectant. We are licensed to apply the Smart Touch Sanitizing System, which breaks odor causing bacteria and pathogens down at a molecular level.  The for

Servitium Cleaning has been the Mansfield CT area's primary reliable residential cleaning company since 1980. Whether you need weekly cleaning or you need help before having company, Servitium Cleaners will make your home sparkle. Servitium cleaning team takes care of the dusting, scouring, carpet cleaning, floor washing, window cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. When your family comes home to a clean, orderly home, everybody benefits. We know as well as you do that life is messy. The more yo

Why Live in an Untidy Home?

When you need dependable house cleaning services in greater Glastonbury, call Servitium Cleaning first. We established our business in 1980, primarily with house cleaning. We have earned a reputation for quality, dependability and consistency. Our company and staff take customer satisfaction very seriously. We are well equipped and capable of providing a wide range of housecleaning related services to reach the goal of leaving you

When your life just gets too busy, hire Servitium for house cleaning services. Servitium is a leading CT cleaning service covering the Ellington CT area. Whether you need someone only a few times a week or for a  thorough seasonal cleanout, Servitium Cleaning can accommodate your busy schedule. When your family comes home to a clean, orderly home, everybody benefits.

You can depend on Servitium Cleaning for reliable residential cleaning services in the Vernon CT area. When you have a busy life, it is not always possible to give your home the thorough cleaning it deserves. When you have career and family obligations, you may not have the time to devote to seasonal cleaning. Your family deserves a clean and orderly home environment, but you just don't have the time or energy to devote to housework. Servitium cleaning team takes care of the dusting, scouring, c

For the very best quality and value in house cleaning services, give Servitium Cleaning a call. We are so busy with our careers, after-school activities, appointments, supplemental education, and so forth. In an average busy household, it is easy to neglect routine keeping and seasonal deep cleaning in our homes. Servitium Cleaning to the Rescue! Imagine not having to worry about the clutter, and the piles of stuff you have been meaning to put away. Call the cleaning pros at Servitium to do t