When you need a house cleaning company in Ellington CT, your clear choice is Servitium Cleaning. Servitium is a Connecticut cleaning services company that provides professional housekeeping staff. You can rely on Servitium Cleaning for thorough, reliable home cleaning services. When your household could use a cleaning intervention, pick up the phone.

You don't have to let a messy home stress you out. Life happens, and if you're doing it right, it's messy! Seasonal bedding and drapery changes, dragging out the winter gear and stowing the holiday decorations can get the better of you. Imagine not having to worry about the clutter, and the piles of stuff you have been meaning to put away.  The Servitium cleaning team takes care of the dusting, scouring, carpet cleaning, floor washing, window cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

Servitium Cleaning can help with cleaning before and after parties, special occasions, seasonal deep cleaning, preparing a room for painting, cleaning after a remodel, or weekly visits. Call the cleaning pros at Servitium and spend your time on more important things. You work hard and want to be there for your family and loved ones. Let us clean the house for you so you can relax together. Call us at 860-428-2047 today.

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