When you are looking for house cleaning services in Vernon CT, call Servitium Cleaning. We pursue the highest standards of quality to achieve excellence in all customer service areas. You can trust Servitium for the very highest quality house cleaning help in the area. Our cleaning team takes care of the dusting, scouring, carpet cleaning, floor washing, window cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. You can depend on the Servitium team for thorough, deep cleaning in your bathrooms and kitchens. Whatever level of cleaning you need, whatever interval works best for you, we accommodate you.

With a busy life and various work and family obligations, household upkeep can take a back seat. With children on board, housework can get away from you very quickly. When quarterly seasonal cleaning is needed, and you don't know where to begin. When your family comes home to a clean, orderly house, everybody benefits.

With our housekeeping services, you can select a schedule that fits your needs. You don't have to let a messy home stress you out. Servitium Cleaning can help with cleaning before and after parties, special occasions, seasonal deep cleaning, preparing a room for painting, cleaning after a remodel, or weekly visits. Put the cleaning pros from Servitium to work and spend your time on more important things. When you have small children, you want a clean home without sacrificing together time. Let us clean the house so you can relax together. We look forward to meeting you! Call us at 860-428-2047 today.

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