When you are looking for the very best housekeeping services in Bolton CT, call Servitium Cleaning. Servitium is a leading company serving the central and eastern CT areas. The average household with working adults just hasn't the time or energy to keep up with household cleaning. If you are embarrassed to have people drop in on you because of the mess, you need an intervention. That can make holiday socializing very stressful! Call Servitium today.

Imagine not having to worry about the clutter, and the piles of stuff you have been meaning to put away. Call the cleaning pros at Servitium to do seasonal chores like washing the drapes and shampooing the carpeting. You work hard and want to be there for your family and loved ones. Let us clean the house for you so you can relax together. Oh - and we do windows, too! Call us at 860-428-2047 today and love your home again.

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