Office Cleaning

When you need medical office cleaners in the greater Manchester CT area, call upon Servitium Cleaning. We have a professional staff that is held to a higher standard of clean. We believe that the appearance of your professional areas is critical, from the waiting rooms and bathrooms to exam and treatment rooms. Our commercial cleaning clients include law offices, medical centers, and educational facilities. We can build a schedule and program to serve your commercial/office cleaning needs.

General office cleaning involves removal of cobwebs throughout the office. We clean desktops and bottoms, and all chairs and seat cushions are cleaned. Our staff thoroughly cleans common areas, board rooms and conference rooms. They clear cobwebs, dust window sills and window blinds, all lighting fixtures and desk lamps are dusted, ceiling fan blades are cleaned, all furniture is dusted, and floors are vaccumed and mopped. Kitchen areas are also cleared of dust and cobwebs, floors are vacuumed and mopped, countertops and sinks are cleaned as well as sanitized.

When you have a client or patient waiting room, the impression this area makes leaves an indelible impression on your visitors. A consistently clean, sparkling waiting area promotes well being for your clients, visitors, guests, and your employees. We are particular about our cleaning services - call Servitium Cleaning today at 860-428-2047.

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