For superior office cleaning services in greater Vernon CT,  call Servitium Cleaning. Servitium is a company that will not cut corners when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your business offices. Your employees, clients, customers and guests will appreciate a sparkling clean environment. Cleanliness in a professional setting puts your visitors' minds at ease. Your employees relax and concentrate better in a clean, dust-free office. Visitors, patients and clientele who behold a waiting room and conference room free of debris appreciate the effort made on their behalf.

Who does your office cleaning right now? When you inspect your baseboards and windowsills, do you find grime, lint and dead insect parts? Whether you need a deep cleaning for your carpeting and furniture or your windows need to be washed, Servitium will do it right.

Servitium understands that each business is different. Whether you need daily clean-up, weekly or monthly services, we will work within your schedule. With fast, efficient and courteous service, Servitium keeps your business neat, clean and ready for a new day. Are there  cobwebs up in the ceiling or crumbs under the tables? Servitium Cleaning Services  knows how important a clean environment is for your professional image. When a clean appearance is a must, ask us about our commercial office cleaning services.  Call today: 860-428-2047.

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