When you need superior restaurant cleaning services in Glastonbury CT, call Servitium Cleaning. Servitium Cleaning Services is a local company which adheres to the highest standards of clean.  We thoroughly clean all surfaces, your windows, floors, carpeted areas, and lavatories. We use a system that disinfects the environment and eliminates odors by destroying bacteria.

Your employees and customers appreciate a restaurant setting that is thoroughly sanitized without smelling like disinfectant or perfume. Servitium uses SmartTouch Sanitizing® Systems, certified safe for food contact surfaces. The SmartShield XLC™ is a patented long-term antimicrobial surface protectant. The application affords 90 days of protection against staining, odor, bacteria, viruses, fungus and mildew.

There is more to a pleasant environment than your decor.  In an eating establishment, your customers notice the condition of the high traffic areas, the rest rooms, the debris underneath the dining tables, and dried food debris on the walls. A thoroughly clean room looks and smells inviting. A pleasant dining environment will reward you with excellent reviews and many referrals.

Servitium Cleaning Services understands the impact an unclean environment has on the commercial food service store. When your business is thoroughly clean, everyone will notice. Cleanliness is paramount for your professional image. When a clean appearance is a must, choose Servitium for the very best cleaning services.  Call today: 860-428-2047.

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